The intergenerational Tellegacy program helps keep older adults connected.

Tellegacy started soon after the pandemic began. University students, known as Legacy Builders, connect with residents of retirement communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities through virtual visits, or via phone conversations.

The discussions follow the curriculum created by Jeremy Holloway. The curriculum focuses on mindfulness, SMART goal-setting, growth mindset, visualization goal-setting exercises, and legacy questions. The training for students focuses on strategies that train the students in the skill and art of listening. The students then focus on building rapport and providing a sense of hope, while also allowing the older adult to impart wisdom and share stories of their past with the students.

A legacy book with photos is provided back to the resident at the end of the sessions. The book is in color, and contains a description of the older adult’s life as shared during their conversations with the legacy builder. The book may also contain details on how the student was impacted by meeting the older adult during the semester.

Moreover, the intergenerational Tellegacy program helps keep older adults connected.

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